The Meaning Of Symbols In Buddhist jewelry

It is known that the jewelry in Buddhism are used not to impress other people but to show some of the things that Buddha taught. But what are the meanings of these symbols and how is it helpful to the lives of the people?

The Different Symbols in Jewelry

There are different symbols that can be seen in the Buddhist jewelry and here are some of its meaning:

  • Kalachakra mantra – This symbol is also known as the ten-fold powerful mantra. It consists of different symbols placed on top of each other to form a single symbol.
  • Om – This symbol features the om sound which is associated with the yoga in this present time. This sound is being used to start or end all mantras in Buddhism which is why it is believed that all sound originated from this symbol.

  • The eight auspicious – These symbols represent the different aspects of the teachings of Buddha. This means that each symbol holds different kind of power and this power will multiply if the symbols will be grouped together.
  • The conch shells – This symbol represents authority and power. The shell was commonly used as a horn in some ceremonies to scare away evil spirits. This also symbolizes dissemination of the teachings of Buddha to other people.
  • Parasol – This symbolizes protection. Just like the normal parasol which protects the user from the sun, in Buddhism, it is being used to represent protection from the heat of spiritual dryness.
  • Two golden fishes – This symbol means different things. First, it represents the two largest rivers in India which are the Ganga and Yamuna. It also symbolizes happiness, fertility, and abundance. In addition to that, these two fishes symbolize unity and success in marriage.
  • Endless knot – This symbolizes how each thing in this world affects each other. It also shows the endless wisdom of Buddha.


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